A Very Happy St. Paddy’s to You


This is the most Irish meal I can think of, can you do better?

This past weekend was the unofficial excuse for the young and old to pretend they’re back in college. Luckily, 17th fell on a Sunday and so it left the whole weekend open for celebration- not. I had work every day, but I saw plenty of other people having the time of their lives dressed in bright green swaths of fabric, shivering in the freezing rain Saturday afternoon. Really,  Mother Nature, what an immature prank.

Fear not, this entire post will not be one long rant of jealousy aimed at my more forward-thinking peers. I, too, had some Irish-American-themed fun at Slainte Pub, located at 30th and Market. Now, you don’t know this yet, but it will become apparent that Slainte is my regular haunt. They have 30-something rotating taps and never manage to get pretentious about it. In fact, you probably are thinking, what? A bar at 30th and Market? Yes. A bar. Right there after you get off the train (or an excuse to catch the next one). And you never even knew. Go figure.

Their menu is your typical American pub fair: burgers, wings, fries; with a few traditional Irish dishes: bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie- you know, all that great stuff I can’t eat. So, true to form, I ordered my favorite plate, nachos. And they were better than usual! Melty, gooey cheese with plenty of black beans to add weight. Being without a meat partner, I enlisted my lovely bartender, who ordered a burger. I will hand it to the kitchen staff- you can pretty much customize your burger any way you want.


Full disclosure: the beer is mine, but what burger looks better without a beer?

Oh, and I totally had you going that I practiced self-control and restraint this weekend, didn’t I? Don’t you worry.