Pro Tip #1 – Avocados as Often as Humanly Possible

Seriously. Avocados are the best fruit/vegetable/energy source ever. They are delicious, smooth, cooling, everything. You can mash them, spread them, even fry them! And they only get better with additional ingredients. I’m sure there are some people out there who do not like avocados. Those people are wrong. Avocados are where it’s at. And here’s a delicious example of why:


I forgot to take a picture initially because I was too excited/hungry.

Just look at those avocado pieces swimming in no-effort-straight-from-the-can tomato soup. And it looks/tastes/is insanely better with the addition of some ground pepper and avocado slices. And, don’t forget to spread the rest on a slice of toast to dip, munch, take a break from the soup, what have you. Basically, avocados save the day. Every. Time.

Now, realistically, most of you who like avocados already nodded approvingly at this post and thought to yourselves, Yeah, man. Avocados, this chick knows her stuff, and those of you who don’t like avocados remain unswayed. But, I like to imagine that at least one of you thought, you know what? I’ll give guacamole another shot, and what’s the worst that could happen? Anaphylactic shock? It’s a small price to pay, really.

Got any other great ideas for avocados? Send ’em my way. I’ll make sure to do a post on Cantina’s fried avocado salad sometime soon. As well as their vegan beef nachos. And their mojitos… and their…